a journey begins…

As I upload more previously finished projects to the gallery (Warmachine: Cryx, Blood Bowl: Lizardmen, Crimson Fists, and an Ultramarines Commander model), I am continuing work on new projects too.

One of my favourites is the Fellowship of the Ring campaign book, which was published by Games Workshop in 2005. This allows the participants to play through the first part in the trilogy in 18 scenarios (from both the film and book) taking us from some skirmishes that happen before Frodo leaves the Shire up to the splitting of the Fellowship and the death of Boromir. At the same time the reader increases their scenery collection and learns some terrific painting tips.

I intend to use the book to work out a mini-campaign for some of the gamers at [elg] Edinburgh League of Gamers and have thus far managed to pick up all the models required to run the 18 scenarios.

The first two scenarios pit the Dunedain against the nefarious Ringwraiths, so that’s a good place to start painting. These are work-in-progress shots and, when finished and based i’ll add them to the gallery.

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