scenarios 3 & 4 now complete

The four Hobbits and Gildor Inglorion have now been completed. The photos above show the three stages of painting as discussed in the Philosophy page. In short, the composite picture displays the Back and Second Rank standards and the other the Front Rank.

I must say that the faces of the Hobbits were pretty tricky to bring out. These are the plastic models from the Mines of Moria set, but after painting them I wish i’d dual-painted the metal version of these models I have at the same time. That said, these are nice for one-piece plastics, but Games Workshop can do far better these days as their plastic techniques are further improved. Here’s to the future!

They’re now ready to run in scenarios 3 & 4 of The Fellowship of the Ring campaign book. Looking forward to getting the campaign started and, as soon as I do I’ll publish the campaign trackers i’m working on.

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