Unlocking Scenarios 6-8: The Fellowship is Complete

Finally found time to round-out the Fellowship. I enjoyed finding the time to sit down with these models. While not the best detail for plastics these days they were great for the Mines of Moria boxed set when it was released. I believe that any forthcoming boxed set from Games Workshop for The Hobbit will likely blow Mines… out of the water!

Scenario 5 is still coming along, but oh-so-slowly. I have borrowed four Barrow Wights from two good friends and will throw some paint on them as a thank-you. These are currently undercoated, but that’s it. I still have a time to get them done though.

That said, I finally took the plunge and gave myself some deadlines by launching the teaser for the forthcoming Fellowship Campaign I will be running at local gaming club [elg] Edinburgh League of Gamers. It’s going to kick off on the 9th January and run two scenarios each mont from the campaign book. I will be supplying and painting all the models, aside from those I borrow… most of which need some paint on them. Certainly looking forward to building Weathertop and – eventually – the Seeing Seat at Amon Sul. Will Weathertop’s construction scare me? Slightly, yes, although my experience building terrain – and access to our local master terrain builder NickB should see me alright. Guess I simply want to do it justice.

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