From Small Beginnings (and Much Excitement)

Lots of things have been arriving in the post of late. Perhaps it’s a confluence of events, or maybe it was my Google-fu combining with some hobby money I had tied up in Paypal…

The first of these stunning deliveries are from a sadly out of production Thomarillion range. I managed to scrabble around the internet to find not only “Bilbo’s Trolls”, but also the “Amon Hen Statue Head”. These will come into play at [elg] Edinburgh League of Gamers when I start up my Fellowship campaign come January. I think you’ll agree that these are delighful pieces that will add plenty of background flavour to the games as well as being terrific eye-candy.

LotRAmonHead LotRTrolls

Talking of terrain I have finally started to build Amon Sul! I have previously made a chunk of it, but this will be the first attempt at the full beast of a model. The instructions are available in The Fellowship of the Ring supplement for Games Workshop’s The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. The one thing that delayed me so long (far too long) from building is that the templates as supplied are at 50% and working out a photocopier was just too much for me. However, I finally got my finger out and took myself to Mail Boxes Etc. on South Bridge, Edinburgh where they ran the book through a ‘posterize’ mode that successfully blew up the templates covering two A3 sheets!

For your convenience I have cut up and rearranged said templates onto two A4 sheets to print at actual size! Hopefully this will help encourage others over that speedbump that held me up so long. Full instructions are available in that excellent supplement.

So after being gifted some Kapa-board by the ever-resourceful NickB I managed the following in under two hours.


I strongly advise grey or black foamboard as it’s denser than the white foamboard; and sharp knives. Really sharp knives.

Finally, I’m putting together a Vampire Counts army for the Tale of Gamers which kicks off at [elg] in January. I had picked up the bulk of my Mantic Games‘ Undead from the store at The Games Hub who were stocking plenty of it at the time and the remainder in their Mantic Fire Sale (which is still on-going at the time of writing). For the movement trays I went straight to as they were recommended to me by BrianF (of D.W.A.R.F.) and they had delivered incredible work for two of our [elg] luminaries: GeorgeW & JasonB.

They smell unpleasant when you first crack open the parcel, but leave them in a ventilated room for a while and they’re just dandy. The bases have good wiggle-room for Games Workshop based models, but are exact fits for Mantic’s basing. I lightly rubbed them with sandpaper to even up the edging and also to rough-up the top rim. This latter helped when I applied some pVA and sand (once dry I applied a milky consistency PVA to ‘bullet-proof’ them).


Now I just need to find some more time…

Game on!

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