The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Two types of ressurection in this post.

First we see a renaming of the blog to, which is my old website that i’m finally getting around to replacing with this blog. There are elements of the old site built into this one; overall i’m happy with the change, with a couple of new sections to come in 2013.

WFB_VC_Lahmian WFB_VC_750PG

Secondly is the new Vampire Counts army i’m working on. I mentioned before that the units are from the Mantic Games range, but i’d like to show off the work-in-progress Vampire. While i’m speed-painting the units using sleight of hand, the characters are having more work put into them. When you have to get through 60 Zombies and 90 Skeletons you’ll do the same… I can see a hidden benefit to playing Grey Knights in Warhammer 40,000.

Her skin is Rakarth Flesh with a purple wash over it, then worked back up to almost White Scar. You can see the progress on the movement trays from before; i’m definately ordering more of these. The base is only base coloured (ho ho!) at the moment as I wanted to get things ready for a warm-up game again Ghostmaker. Well it was more of a familiarisation game for him and a re-reading of the rules for me as although my last game was November 2010 at least I could have claimed to play 8th Edition. Ghostmaker has owned every copy since 4th Edition. That is all.

VC_750 So 750 points was the order of the day as we’re gathering our forces for the forthcoming Tale of Gamers at [elg] and if you click on the image to the left you’ll get a taste of what i’m bringing to the table. Bodies. Lots of bodies. (You’ll see 30 Zombies in the photo: 20 in the Horde +10 for when I eventually cast Invocation of Nehek.)

The main thrust of my idea is that I wanted to get a heap of model painting out of the way in the first 750 points so that my monthly 250 points could be spent on the bigger stuff. (Although when Zombies are that cheap everything else appears to be “bigger stuff”.)

So there I was, knowing Ghostmaker had not played 8th Edition, but as he had a lot of 40k experience at least he was pretty handy with the To Hit & To Wound charts. I pushed it all forward, let him charge me and we rolled some dice. The focus was on (re-)learning the rules, so that was my win condition; that I accidently ‘tabled’ the Dwarfs meant I came up smelling more of 6-month-old grave flowers than roses. At least we were both learning, right? (And to think I used to be a master of intro-games…)

Anyway, Ghostmaker is entirely pleasant company for any game and I can count this as revenge for his Khador stealing the win from my Cryx. Yeah, ‘stolen’.

Game On!


PS I know that the Cairn Wraiths no longer skirmish, but I had already bought and based the movement tray, so it’s included in the photo.

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