Amon Sul Reborn… Getting There

NickB reminded me that I was due to head over to his flat and progress Amon Sul from some piles of foamcard. He’d gone to the trouble of custom-cutting an MDF baseboard for the project, so it was game on! I dropped over yesterday, created, was fed (mmm, thanks Caroline) and overall felt rather successful.

The results of my start-stop labour are shown below. It’s been quite some time since I built terrain, so am certain this could have gone faster. Fortunately I enjoyed the company and it is aleays good to watch nick work – yesterday he was progressing his stunning Khador snow board terrain. (Photos of that when it’s at the club.)

Here’s Amon Sul, still to have 8 ruined pillars and lots of brickwork added:

Nick is a master of powertool terrain making, so he jig-cut the whole piece. The photos below show both the piece which fits into my miniatures cabinet and one that can be thrown down as flavour in any game of The LotR or The Hobbit Strategy Battle Games.

2. Flash 5. Flash

Finally a wee note to say that I have updated the links to the Amon Sul pdf from my earlier post. Since the move to I have also reknitted the broken links on Gallery: Sci-Fi, so that’s the Crimson Fists, Imperial Guard, and Ultramarines Commander ‘Maldus’ back online!

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