LotR – We Actually Started Playing! (Scenarios 1 & 2)

The 9th January came around and so, being that I promised we’d play on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, we played Scenario 1 – The Hunt Begins. The scene is set with the Witch King and two Ringwraiths trying to cross the border and enter the Shire. Set against them are nine Dunedain: the Rangers of the North.

We played through this three times, re-learning the rules and finding out that with everyone carrying a Might point, the Rangers could call extremely effective Heroic Moves. The Strategy Battle Game can really swing should you retain, or fail to take Priority, so the Dunedain had a massive advanage here. Being gamers we started cheering on the underdog: the Nazgul! We did concoct a possible way that they could win the scenario, but it left us feeling a little dirty afterwards. Congratulations to Tim who managed the closest to an Evil victory by racing one Nazgul all the way across the table; a pity they needed two.

Final result was Good 3 – 0 Evil.

Scenario 2 – The Trust of Arnor was better for several reasons: we had had a chance to re-read the rules after playing; there were nine Dunedain, but all nine of the Nazgul were abroad; and I remembered my camera this time…


… but forgot my tripod.

At least you can see the table we’re playing on. The game took place at [elg] Edinburgh League of Gamers and so we could not only use the club’s excellent terrain, but also the additional super-detailed scatter terrain that Nick put together for the Fellowship campaign. None of these photos show it, but the wooded terrain bases all have leaves, little pools, and other neat features.

Scenario02-01 Scenario02-03

At least I found a stable surface for a couple of close-up shots showing the Ringwraiths breaking through the cordon of Rangers – and one trapped in a wood (thanks to Jason for setting this one up).

This scenario has the full might of the Ringwraiths pressing their victory at Sarn Ford to  descend upon the Shire. Can half of them make it across the table though? Game one said No to Nick, but game 2 went Tom’s way with a terrific run on winning Priority in the mid-game. Even then it came down to a couple of bow-shots at the end: a race between lucky shots guided by Might points against the fast-dwindling Will points that allowed the Ringwraiths a save against any Wound.

Final result was Good 1 – 1 Evil and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Next game is 14th February and the Hobbits make their first appearance!

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