Short Cuts Make Long Posts

Phew! I got a couple of games in with the Vampire Counts over this past fortnight: one at 750 points (as listed in an earlier post) and the other at 1,000 points – our total for February gaming. Next we brought down scenario 3 from the book: Short Cuts Make Long Delays, pitting Frodo, Sam and Pippin against three of the Nazgul. The Hobbits get a bit of a leg up from Gildor Inglorion though. Finally, I was round at Nick’s place again, continuing work on Amon Sul and I also based up the petrified Stone Trolls and Amon Hen head.

First up was the 750-point Warhammer Fantasy game against BrianH. We played at The Games Hub and got a 5-turn game done in an hour – including set-up! Why 5 turns? Well my Vampire was killed by a Skink Hero in their first round of combat and, while I wiped most of Brian’s Lizrdmen from the board, my army literally disolved in front of my eyes. For shame! I certainly learned a lot about my army, a few of these being:

  • I need markers that say “Fear” which I can leave next to every unit as I forgot every time I could have used it
  • When refusing a Challenge, my Champion cannot step back in the unit, so my Vampire could have
  • Low-level point games mean I probably won’t get any spells off unless I pick up some Bound Items

VC_1000 That’s the 1,000-point list on the left. It has only been rolled out once this month and that was in a training game against a new guy to the club, Lex. He brought along his Dwarfs and quickly knocked up a roughly comparable army before we played. As he was new to Warhammer Fantasy I basically pushed it all fprward and gave him opportunities to Charge – and to receive charges too. There were, for him at least, some surprising outcomes such as 20 Longbeards standing against a frontal charge from 10 Black Knights; they brok later on a poor Ld test, but after explaining why Pursuit into a Fresh Enemy didn’t allow a Stand and Fire ther started some ‘take back’ moves and we were better able to set up different learning scenarios. I suspect that Lex didn’t believe me at first, but I stood by my opening statement that “we would only win if we learned something from this game“. I learned that, despite having 2-inch markers with FEAR writ large on them next to each unit, I still forgot that special rule. (Yes, I know.) Perhaps next time they should be in colour…

Our first play-through of Scenario 3 – Short Cuts Make Long Delays lasted all of ten minutes as we quickly realised that this scenario practically demands that the Ringwraiths are mounted. I’m making notes in the games we play and chatting about this with the fine folks over at The One Ring [dot] net. Long story short, we called a halt to play, mounted the Ringwraiths and started again. Jason and I played both Good and Evil, then Tim and Nick did the same. The only games that didn’t result in some amount of tension were the first (non-mounted) and when Nick played Evil, lost every Priority roll allowing Tim to dance the Ringwraiths around before walking casually off the eastern board edge!

Final result was Good 4 – 1 Evil and a lesson that Ringwraiths should be on horses in all the scenarios barring the Weathertop ones and possibly #4. (The jury is out on scenario 4, but as we’re playing that one next i’ll report back.)

Aaand back to Weathertop. This time to sculpt some rocks, add sand for texture, and finish those pillars. A quick trip to Wickes saw me picking up the dowel and it was GO!:

1. Weathertop

2. Piece1 4. Piece3

I need to add a wee bit more texture before undercoating, but that’s all in session four on this terrain project; then I can take it home and finish painting and weathering. More on that as it happens. Note to self: I must remember to bring a textured rock with me to Nick’s so that I whack the pink foam with it to imprint said texture.

While I was there I managed to glue and texture the Amon Hen head and Petrified Stone Trolls, although as I forgot my wee plastic campfire piece there’s a space on the latter. Hrmph.

6. Troll Cock 7. Statue Head

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