paint recipes

There are three rough levels to my painting as described under the philosphy tab. Here I present my most common painting recipes so that you can get a handle on some of my tricks and techniques. I’ll also use it as a reference guide while I paint as my notes are currently distributed about the flat!

The now-defunct range of Citadel Paints are used for the most part, but Games Workshop did provide a conversion guide. Like my paints, when on e is replaced i’ll update it on this guide. Feel free to contact me with questions.

The guide is broken into three columns. The first column is Back Rank, the second adds the colours to take your model to Second Rank, and the third will take you to First Rank. Mixed colours are listed using parenthesis for the proportions, so for example “Elf Flesh(1):(1)Skull White” is simply one part Elf Flesh mixed with one part Skull White. It’s a bit loose-and-ready in places as sometimes I mix dabs of paint here and there to better transition the colours – and that’s where your skill comes in.

Some notes on the notations I have used: [e] denotes an edge highlight, with further highlights obviously being edge; [w] is applying a Wash; and finally I abbreviate the colours if I’ve used them already in the recipe, e.g. Blood Red becomes BR. This isn’t for brevity, rather it helps when defining the mixes.

Effect Back Second Front
Nercon Abyss
[w]Asurmen Blue
Regal Blue
[e]RB(3):(1)Space Wolves Grey
Mechrite Red
[w]Nuln Oil
MR(1):(1)Blood Red
[e]Blood Red
Blazing Orange
Fiery Orange
Vomit Brown
[w]Baal Red
Tanned Flesh
[w]Ogryn Flesh
Dwarf Flesh
Elf Flesh
EF(1):(1)Skull White

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